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How to optimize images for SEO

How to optimize images for SEO

1. The ALT attribute
The alt-attribute specifies an alternate text in case the image cannot be displayed on the website. It is helpful for visitor if there is a technical problem with your website but it is even more important for search engines because it gives them an idea of what the image is about. You should therefore use important keywords in the ALT Attribute.

For example, in the case of a real estate agency, the images should have, in the ALT attribute, elements concerning the property presented : 4 bedroom apartment for sale in Cannes...

2. The file name
Next step in the optimization of your website images is the choice of the file name. Prefer descriptive file name rather than generic names such as DSC2345.jpg. And use hyphens to split words.

3. The file size and format
Site speed is one of the criteria used by Google to assess your website. Try to minimize the size of your images without loosing to much quality (think about your web users!). To do so, you can use 3 main types of images :
- JPG : allows image compression and is a very common format for websites
- GIF : images with 256 colors or less, ie low quality images
- PNG : support transparency unlike jpg files. A great alternative to GIF.