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Web solutions

SEO solutions in English to promote your business online

If you are working in the South of France, you probably work with many foreign clients. To promote your business online and appeal to this customer base, Jalis proposes a full range of SEO solutions in English for your business website.

E-card website

Your business card website. A solution designed by Jalis to quickly start your online communication strategy.

E-ssentiel website

The web agency in Marseille Jalis presents an easy-to-manage web solution, based on a fixed architecture and a personalized design.

E-lite website

Manage your online catalogue and activity. With this complete web solution, the web agency Jalis will determine the suitable website layout for your online project and propose a custom web design.

Flex-e website

You want to showcase your photos with your website project ? You need an elegant and prestige display website for your business? Choose Jalis Flex-e solution.

Flash-e website

For a prestige website, the web agency Jalis presents the Flash-e solution : a Flash website compatible with SEO.

Prestige website

The web agency Jalis can create a prestige website to promote your business online. Jalis strategizes and guides you through the web development process to accomplish the following goals : a website with an engaging design that is easy to manage and is conveying a powerful message about your company.

E-commerce website

If you want to sell your products online, Jalis can work with you to create an easy-to-manage online store. An attractive design, intuitive website management, SEO to increase visibility on search engine and attract visitors : Jalis is your partner for a successful online store.